Important Updates

Honors Testing and Placement

ALL applicants for 10th-12th grade who seek to take honors classes at AOC next year MUST sign up to take a placement exam as part of their application process. Current placement in an honors or AP class at another high school does not guarantee placement in honors classes at AOC next year.

Date: Saturday, April 18th
Location: AOC
English/Social Studies Test: 8am-9:30am
Chemistry Test: 9:35-10:05am

Please Click Here to sign up to take the Honors Placement Exam. You MUST sign up by April 10th at 3PM for the exam or you will not be able to take the placement exam. No exceptions will be made.

AP Exam Information

AOC does not offer AP courses or examinations as all our students take college classes. If a student is interested in taking an AP examination, they must register for the test at the comprehensive school of their residence. Additionally, AOC students may register through the Hart @ Home program which offers a small number of AP exams. The student is responsible for making their own arrangements to take an AP exam.

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Upcoming Events

Mar 21 - Interviews for incoming 10th-12th grade students

Apr 6-10 - Spring Break

Apr 18 - Honors testing for next years 10th-12th grade students





District News









Spotlight on AOC - 2015 National Merit Scholars!

Congratulations to the following juniors who are entered in the 2015 National Merit Scholarship Program competition! Of the 1.5 million students who took the 2013 PSAT, the 50,000 highest-scoring participants are entered in the competition.

Commended Students:
Thomas Chang, Hee Ro Chung, Johnathan Ford, Jorge Fuentes, Julianne Horning, Kayla Kimball, Ryan Koh, Yelizaveta Kuznetsova, Jessica Lynn, Carmelle Millar, Daniel Ring, Hasung Song, and Shakthi Visagan

And special congratulations to Janny Zhang, a National Merit SEMI-FINALIST!!