Teacher web sites

Name Department Web Site
Beth Baker Math Math Department Website
Natalie Borrelli Science


Lacy Bregger Physical Education https://sites.google.com/site/
Stephanie Caneday English http://canedaysv.blogspot.com/
Kathlee Coleman Math Math Department Website
Jill Colet ELA https://sites.google.com/site/
Anthony de la Cruz Social Studies http://staff.hartdistrict.org/adelacruz
Summer Flaherty English http://staff.hartdistrict.org/sflaherty
David Drabinski Social Studies Mr. Drabinski's site
Gustavo Durruty Science http://www.classjump.com
Jenni Frias English http://www.jennifrias.com
Lorraine Fulleman Librarian Library Site
Nick Hagan Physical Education http://staff.hartdistrict.org/nhagan
Ian Harper Social Studies http://staff.hartdistrict.org/iharper
Mandi Hatfield Physical Education PE Department Website
Lisa Henry Math http://mrshenrymath.weebly.com
Mary Herr English http://staff.hartdistrict.org/mherr
Ron Ippolito Social Studies http://www.MrIppolito.com
Lisa James Science Lisa James' Science Class
Victoria Johnson SC Mrs. Johnson's Web Site
Kellie Kontis Social Studies http://kontishistory8.edublogs.org
Mark LaPlant Physical Education http://staff.hartdistrict.org/mlaplant
Christy Lennarz Math http://clennarz.weebly.com
Nicole Marsh English http://kingsfan1.edublogs.org/
Lelia Meadows English http://staff.hartdistrict.org/lmeadows/
Brianna Mowry English http://www.sierramowry.blogspot.com/
Skye Ostrom Science Google Site
Judy Parkinson Science http://staff.hartdistrict.org/jparkinson
Mary Sirchia Math Math Department Website
Tracy Stanhope Math Math Department Website
Kristen Stauch English http://www.titans-english.blogspot.com
Nicole Terranova Science http://staff.hartdistrict.org/nterranova
George Velarde Physical Education http://staff.hartdistrict.org/gvelarde
Julie Velazquez (Laura Perryman - long term sub) Social Studies


Perryman's website: Google Site

Lilly Wheeler Science http://www.micro-girl.blogspot.com
Jackson Wolf
Social Studies http://jwolf55.edublogs.org/



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