Valencia High School, 27801 N. Dickason Drive, Santa Clarita, CA phone: (661) 294-1188; fax: (661) 294-3828
Valencia High School

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Name - click to email ...Duties
Mr. Costanzo
John Costanzo
Barbara Schiern
Barbara Schiern
School Office Manager
Ron Hilton
Ron Hilton
Assistant Principal
Jamie Timmins
Martha Pellico Assistant Principal 406
Jamie Timmins

Chad Powell

Assistant Principal 407
Jamie Timmins
Jamie Timmins Assistant Principal 404
Elizabeth Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson Assistant Principal 429
Tammy Smith
Tammy Smith Athletics and Facilities Secretary 405
R Vogel
Rebecca Vogel Secretary 434
Jamie Timmins
Patricia Mercer Secretary 433
TBA Reception 0 or 661 294-1188
Name - click to email Extension  
Jeff Albert
Jeff Albert Director 432
TBA ASB Clerk 306
TBA Student Body Clerk 430
Lisa Kurowski Student Store 431
Name - click to email Title Ext.
Brian Stiman
Brian Stiman Athletic Director 620
Ron Hilton
Ron Hilton Athletic Administrator 403
Name - click to email Title Ext.
Sharon Romero
Sharon Romero Attendance Technician 408

Kathy Eiben

Kathy Eiben

Attendance Technician 409
  Attendance Line - Spanish   473
School to Career
Name - click to email Title Ext.
Kevin Berns
Kevin Berns Click here for Mr. Berns' website! School to Career Coordinator 512
Counseling (Click here for Counseling Website)
Name - click to email Students/Duties Ext.
Counselors   340
Kellen Atkins (Si - Z) 422
Rhonda Carr
Rhonda Carr (Cho - Gi) 440
Kathy Ferry
Kathy Ferry (Lah-N) 424
Theresa Long
Theresa Long (O-Se) 425
Kathy Stroh

 +all Special Education student, including resource)

Justin Thomas (Gi-Lag) 340
Jeannie White (A - Chi) 421
Robin Gonzales
Robin Gonzalez Counseling Secretary 418
Karen Switaj
Karen Switaj Counseling Secretary 417
Richard Trivitt
Richard Trivitt Psychologist 428
Faculty A-Z
Name - click name to email, website button for teacher website Department Ext.
Jeff Albert
Jeff Albert ASB Director, AVID 432
Lisa Allensworth
Lisa Allensworth Special Ed SC3 107
Jared Abrose
Jared Ambrose Special Ed SC2 108
Marielena Arias

Marielena Arias Click here for Ms. Arias' Website!

For. Lang - Spanish 1922

Brian Arnold Click here for Mr. Arnold's website!

Social Studies 1935
Lydia Bauer Click here to go to Ms. Bauer's website! Special Ed SC5 817
Mike Bechtholdt For. Lang - Spanish 923
Scott Bellows
Scott Bellows Click here for Mr. Bellows' website! Math 1941
Kevin Berns
Kevin Berns Click here for Mr. Berns' website! Freshman Seminar
School to Career Coordinator
Co Head Coach Cross Country and Track
Beth Blok
Beth Blok Click here for Ms. Blok's website! English 501
Nancy Bono

Nancy Bono Click here to go to Mrs. Bono's website!

For. Lang. - Spanish / ELD 520
Viking pic
Aaron Briseno Mr. Briseno's Website Mathematics 806

Brett Bristol Click here to go to Mr. Bristol's website!

Social Studies 514
Mr. Broers
Doug Broers Social Studies/Cheer 826
Michelle Brown
Michelle Brown Brown Social Studies / Dance Team 507
Janice Burke Burrill Mathematics  
Jennifer Burrill
Jennifer Burrill Burrill Math 810
Marcy Calnan Social Studies 519
Irma Camara Burrill For. Lang - Spanish 506
Karen Carey
Carey, K Carey Mathematics 521
Vincent Carter
Vincent Carter Carter Mathematics 617
Ed Colley Colley ROTC 113
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis Click here to go to Mr. Davis' website! Science 812
Tamara Desso Click here to go to Mrs. Day's website! Science 209
Vache Derderian Click here to go to Mr. Derderian's website Mathematics 615
Jennifer Dollman
Jennifer Dollman Click here to go to Ms. Dollman's website! English / Yearbook 1928
David Duncan

David Duncan

For. Lang. - Spanish 1932

James Duncan

Science 112
Lisa Duncan
Lisa Duncan Spec. Ed RSP 1931
Daniella Duran
Daniella Duran Science 209
janet Feeder

Janet Feeder Click here to go to Mrs. Feeder's website!

Science 205

Charles Figueroa Click here to go to Mr. Figueroa's website!

Mathematics 517
Michelle Fischer
Michelle Fischer Click here to go to Ms. Fischer's website! Science 203
Kim Forbes Forbes English / Video Prod./ VTV 603
ofc: 605
Jeff Gilkey Gilkey English 512
Steve Gill
Steve Gill ADP 601
Kevin Goralsky
Kevin Goralsky Click here for Mr. Goralsky's' website! Math 1942
place holder
Deb Harris Click here to go to Ms. Harris website! Math 1936
place holder

Paul Harrison Click here to go to Mr. Harrison's website!

English 1926
Russanne Hawe
Russanne Hawe Click here for Ms. Hawe's website! English 502
Siobhan Hawkins
Siobhan Hawkins Click here for Ms. Hawkin's website! Spec. Ed. SC 802
Rick Hawn Spec Ed. RS, work experience 705
Greg Hayes
Greg Hayes Click here to go to Mr. Hayes' website! Social Studies 619
Rebecca Hayes

Rebecca Hayes Click here to go to Ms. Hayes' website!

For. Lang. - Spanish 1924
Alison henry
Alison Henry Click here to go to Ms. Hayes' website! For Language - Italian, Math 505
C. Hernandez-Foster
C. Hernandez-Foster Spanish 1940
Chris Houser Prac. Arts - Auto 602
place holder
Amanda Hrezo Click here to go to Ms. Huffaker's website! Science  
Bett Huffaker
Bett Huffaker Click here to go to Ms. Huffaker's website! English 504
David Inemer

David Inemer Click here to go to Mr. Inemer's website!

Mathematics 618
Eve Itaya
Eve Itaya Click here to go to Mrs. Itaya's website! English/Dance Team 503

Amy Jackson

Click here to go to Mrs. Itaya's website!

English 1935
Kristi Johnson SC5 817
Mark Judd
Mark Judd Mr. Judd Band Director 524
Leslie Kalmer
Leslie Kalmer Kalmer Science 204
Tim Kalmer Click here for Mr. Kalmer's website Mathematics 823
Annie Kellogg Click here for Mr. Kalmer's website PE / Strategy 612
Michael Killinger
Michael Killinger Click here to go to Mr. Killinger's website! Science 814
Brandon King
Brandon King Prac Arts - Graphic Arts 105
Gavin Klinger Click here for Mr. Klinger's website! Science 206
Amy Komen
Amy Komen Komen Mathematics 935
Josh Kornegay Special Education 824
Kevin Kornegay
Kevin Kornegay Physical Education 713
Danielle Lahey Langdon Social Studies 826
Marzena Langdon Langdon For. Lang. - French 1934
Donna Lee
Donna Lee Click here for Ms. Lee's website. Physical Education 712
Lisa Licht
Lisa Licht Click here for Ms. Licht's website! Fine Arts - Art 819
Victor Limon
Victor Limon Limon English 1927
Joanna Lopez Physical Education  
Laura Macias
Laura Macias Click here for Ms. Macias' website! For. Lang. - Spanish 518
Phyllis Madden
Phyllis Madden For. Lang. - American Sign Language(ASL) 809
Don Madrid
Don Madrid Spec. Ed - RS 812
Frederick Malcomb Malcomb ROTC 119
cadet room: 120
Robert Mandel Mandel Social Studies 827
Joseph Marcucilli
Joseph Marcucilli Go to Mr. Marcucilli's website! English/Humanities 807
Jennene Margrave Click here for Ms. Margrave's website! English, AVID 1930
Scott Matters
Scott MattersMatters Mathematics 804
Michael McKee Click here for Mr. McKee's website! Social Studies 516
Dennis Mifflin
Dennis Mifflin Mifflin

Career Seminar, Web Design, work Experience


Jerry Mike
Jerry Mike Mifflin Science 813
Miles, J. Learning Strategies 612
John Minkus Minkus Spec. Ed. - SDC 801
Dave Moeller
David Moeller Click here for Mr. Moeller's website! English 1933
Brenda Monteleone English 808
Joes Monteleone
Joseph Monteleone Click here for Mr. Monteleone's website! PE / Sports Med 707
Larry Muir Social Studies 618
coach: 714
Mr. Ostrove
Jerry Ostrove Click here for Ms. Peterson's website! Science 811
Leticia Pennington Click here for Ms. Peterson's website! Mathematics 513
Dean Pearl
Dean Perl English 1938
Sue Peterson
Sue Peterson Click here for Ms. Peterson's website! Chemistry 207
Cindy Pharis Click here for Ms. Pharis' website! Fine Arts - Art 104
Chad Phillips Special Education/Basketball 612
Rick Phillips
Rick Phillips Click here for Mr. Phillips' website! Science 202
Mike Pontius Pontius Spec. Ed 110
Gail Quinn Spec. Ed - RS 521
John Randall
John Randall Spec. Ed SC5  
Ashley Ricks
Ashley Ricks SDC 2 106


Michelle Rivas

Michelle Rivas Rivas Web Site Mathematics 829
Joseph Rosenast Mr. Rosenast's website! English 1929
Ray Sanchez
Ray Sanchez Mr. Sanchez' website! Science 201
Jerry Sheggrud
Jerry Sheggrud Drivers Ed./Health 805
Spann, C.  Mr. Spann's website! Science 818
Bill Stenzel
Bill Stenzel Stenzel's website Practical Arts 511
Brian Stiman
Brian Stiman Physical Education 620
Joni Stiman
Joni Stiman Stiman Social Studies 508
Kerry Strothe
Kerry Strothe Click here to go to Ms. Strothe's website! English 1921
Christine Tavares
Christine Tavares Click here to go to the choir website! Director of Choirs 526
ofc: 540
Dustin Titzel-Cuyler Social Science 1939
Gene Truex
G. Truex Special ed 816
Faye Valentine Click here for Ms. Valentine's website! Fine Arts 826

Irma Villalvazo

Irma Villalvazo Click here for Ms. Villalvazo's website! Spanish 1937
Vincent, B. Matters 102

Robert Waters

Robert Waters Physical Education 710

Marci West

Marci West Spec. Ed. Sev. Handicap 821
Stephen Whelan
Stephen Whelan Click here for Mr. Whelan's website! Theatre Arts 522
Curt White Spec. Ed. RSP 613
Melinda Wignal Click here for Mr. Whelan's website! Culinary Arts 111
Elizabeth Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson Click here to go to Ms. Wilson's website! Prac. Arts - Drafting
School to Career Coordinator

Ben Wobrock

Ben Wobrock Click here for Mr. Wobrock's website! Mathematics 515
Peter Wong
Peter Wong Special Education 109
Robert Zameroski Click here for Ms. Pollerana's website! English 1925
Library Click here for the Valencia Library website!
Name - click to email Title Ext.
Sheryl Weiss Click here for the Valencia Library website! Librarian 302
Sandy Williams Click here for the Valencia Library website! Library Technician 301
Maria Palaikis Click here for the Valencia Library website!

Textbook Clerk

Name - click to email Title Ext.
Robert Collins
Lloyd DeShong Plant Manager 1910
Roberta DeShong Health Office 458
Aureo Lintag Network Technician 305
Name - click to email Title Ext.
Lisa Cocco Registrar 415
Karen Wiederhold Assistant Registrar 414


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